2024 Country Championships

Victorian Country Table Tennis Championships

8-10 June 2024

@ Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium


2024 Victorian Country Table Tennis Championships is an annual State title event for country affiliates of Victoria.

Individual Entries



All inquiries regarding the State Tournament Circuit and the official contact email address of all tournaments: tournamentsttv@gmail.com

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Draws for each grade will be available to download below

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Table Tennis Victoria are in contact with many local businesses in the Traralgon region, seeking exlcusive offers for Country Championship attendees. Below are some meal deals or discounts available for you when you are staying across the weekend: 

The Royal Exchange Hotel are offering attendees of the Country Championships:

Meal and drink deal for $25. 

Meals include: Parma, Roast, Fish and Pasta

Drinks include: Pot of beer/ glass of wine or soft drink.

To receive the meal deal: 

Book a table HERE and when making the booking mention TABLE TENNIS. 

When you arrive and order, Royal Exchange will offer the meal deal to you.

Or book via phone: (03) 5174 1281 and mention TABLE TENNIS.

Address: 64 Princess Highway, Traralgon, Victoria, 3844

Pho Nam Vietnamese Eatery are offering attendees of the Country Championships:

10% off the total bill when you eat.

*One voucher is only valid for one bill. You cannot combine vouchers to create a larger discount.*

To receive the discount: 

Speak to the Table Tennis Victoria staff at the tournament and we will provide you with a physical voucher to take to the restaurant with you.

Address: 115 Franklin Street, Traralgon, Victoria, 3844

Missen Link Burgers are offering attendees of the Country Championships:

30% discount off your order.

They offer a lunch menu into the afternoon with some big, tasty burgers on offer with plenty of protein, if you are after a good hearty lunch meal.

*One voucher is only valid for one bill. You cannot combine vouchers to create a larger discount.*

To receive the discount: 

Speak to the Table Tennis Victoria staff at the tournament and we will provide you with a physical voucher to take to the restaurant with you.

Address: 114 Franklin Street, Traralgon, Victoria, 3844

Green Olive are offering attendees of the Country Championships:

$20 Parmas

$18 pizzas

Bookings are essential to ensure you get a table. 

To receive the discount: 

Book a table at Green Olive by calling (03) 5176 6669 and mentioning you are there for the TABLE TENNIS VICTORIA COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS and they will provide you with the above offering.

Address: 1/149 Argyle Street, Traralgon, Victoria, 3844

WanLoy Chinese Restaurant are offering attendees of the Country Championships:

10% off for participants in the Country Championships. Only for meals, not including drinks.

To receive the discount: 

Book a table at WanLoy Chinese Restaurant by calling (03) 5174 3734 and mentioning you are there for the TABLE TENNIS VICTORIA COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS and they will provide you with the above offering.

Address: 9B Church Street, Traralgon, Vic, 3844








Email address for everything: tournamentsttv@gmail.com


  • Claire Montgomery
    • Tournament Director
  • Oscar Yam
    • TTV Office Liason
  • Bill Freeman
    • Perpetual Trophies
  • John Wright
    • Grading Meeting

Teams shall be made up of a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players. 


To qualify, a player must be:

  • bona fide members of the association they are to represent currently registered at TTV Competition level.
  • During the 12 months prior to the date of the Championships, have taken part in at least 3 matches on separate dates in that association’s pennant competition, or have taken part in that association’s local championships.
  • A student or an apprentice who has previously represented an association in these championships and who is temporarily living away from his home for study or apprenticeship purposes may, during the course of study or apprenticeship; if in Melbourne, continue to represent that association, or if in another country area elect to represent either his home association or another association for which he qualifies.
  • and/or as determined appropriate by the Country Championships Committee


Composite Team Nominations:

  • Associations that have players available to compete in a composite team must nominate them on the team entry form regardless of whether they are entering teams or not.
  • The grading committee will form composite teams from nominated players based on the number of nominations and equivalent strengths.  There is no guarantee of placement.
  • Composite players (or their clubs) are required to pay a team fee of $70.00 per player.
  • Under no circumstances are players permitted to make up their own team.


RevSport User Guide - Entering Teams >

Team entries close Friday 17th May 2024


Substituting Team Players after Grading:

The substitute rule for team players will be strictly adhered to

Ensure your team coordinator is aware of this when they are organising teams.

All team players should be nominated on the entry form, including any likely substitutes.  

Unnamed replacements will only then be permitted in the case of injury or illness and then only with the approval of the tournament committee. 


Team Substitution: Players, who are included in the team as of grading, may substitute a player in the listed team in a team’s match once a result has occurred.


Teams are not permitted to field any more than one replacement player, other than those nominated on this entry form.

Alterations to teams must be made prior to the commencement of the grading meeting.

Special consideration may be given for a replacement player after the grading meeting only with the approval of the tournament committee.


Upgrading team players

Clubs may not elevate players from a lower grade without the permission of the Tournament Director.

A player withdrawing from a team event will not be permitted to have any further participation in the tournament including the individual events.


The Tournament Director and the Referee have sole control of the tournament.

Team entries close Friday 17th May 2024 11:59 pm.

The team grading meeting is on Saturday, May 25th, 2024 at the TTA Office Boardroom on the first floor @MSAC (next to the old TTV office, overlooking the Badminton hall)

Commencement time:     10:00 am 

Estimated Conclusion:     11:00 am


The purpose of the grading meeting is to form grades of 5 or 6 teams of similar strengths.

The grading committee consists of a delegate from each participating association, the country selectors, the tournament director, and the country committee. 

It is in your Association’s best interest to send a delegate to the grading meeting.  

Please advise TTV of your nominated delegate for catering purposes.

Please address any further queries you may have to TTV by email promptly.

The final draw and a program will be published on the TTV website after the meeting.  

It will also be available along with other updates on the Victorian Country Week Table Tennis Facebook Page.

This year’s team fees be $210.00 per team.  

Composite players (or their clubs) are required to pay a team fee of $70.00 per player.

Table Tennis Victoria will issue invoices to all Associations for team fees

Please note the starting times for each round are:

Team Photo Taking Saturday 8:15 AM
Opening Ceremony Saturday 9:00 AM
Round 1: Saturday 9:30 AM
Round 2: Saturday 1:30 PM
Round 3: Sunday 9:00 AM
Round 4: Sunday 1:00 PM
Individual Events Sunday 5:00 PM
Round 5: Monday 8:30 AM

Please be at the Centre at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time so that matches will start on time.

The Stadium will be open to participant entry at 8:00 am each day

Score Sheets, Counters, and Balls will be provided for each round.

No practice balls will be issued - Clubs to please supply their players with practice balls.

It is recommended that players bring their own pens.

Clubs please ensure your players are familiar with umpiring and scoring.

Please include players' Ratings Central ID number on their membership profile, this will assist in making the grading process easier and fairer.


Table Tennis Victoria seeks to rank its table tennis athletes according to their skill level, particularly within age categories, to assist with event seeding and for other selection and recognition purposes.

Each player’s skill level is described by a mean and standard deviation. i.e. 1000 +/- 50: 1000 being the mean and +/-50 being the standard deviation

These points are used to seed players in Individual events at the Country Championships and will assist with the grading of teams.

When a player’s results have not been recorded to Rating Central, the player may not have a recorded skill level or points.

Clubs are requested to provide estimated points for players not recorded on Rating central.

They should do this by utilizing their knowledge of the player and comparing it to other players with known points.

Event directors may specify a general points level for players which may not be based on knowledge of that player.

Where a player’s points on the system are inconsistent with their level of skill (usually a result of no results being recorded recently), their standard deviation shown with their points on “Rating Central” will be high – which shows a lower level of confidence in the accuracy of the points. The standard deviation can be used when seeding players.

If clubs believe the points allocated to a player are significantly different to their skill level (as compared to similar players), they can point this out on the notes section of the entry form, to the Grading meeting chairperson, or by a separate email, prior to grading day. This information will be viewed on a case-by-case basis.

Individual Events will be conducted on Sunday immediately following the team’s events.  

Players MUST qualify for a team event and have made themselves available for selection in a Country Championships team this year to be eligible for participation in the individual events.

The final of the Men’s and Women’s Open Singles will be conducted on Monday at the conclusion of the team events.

Should either of these events be a round-robin, then that event will be completed on Sunday evening

Individuals Entry Form >

Team Entries are submitted through the club's revsport portal.

RevSport User Guide - Entering Teams >

Associations and individuals holding the PERPETUAL Shield or Trophies from the 2023 Country Championships are asked to return them to the GRADING MEETING

Bill Freeman is the Trophy Co-Ordinator, please contact him on 03 5491 1000 should you have any queries regarding perpetual trophies.

To be awarded annually:

To the player from the Country Championships who best displays dedication to the sport, team spirit, impeccable demeanor, and is a worthy ambassador for table tennis in regional Victoria.

The Country Committee members and Associations may nominate a player to receive this award.

Nominations for the award will be accepted from the close of the Country Championships to the grading meeting of the following year.  Nominations must be made in writing and accompanied by a supporting statement.

The recipient will be decided at a meeting of the country committee after the grading meeting.  This meeting can be by electronic means if practicable.

The award is to be presented by Alan Wilson (or his representative) at the Country Championships following the Country Championship at which the recipient is determined.

Criteria Definitions
Dedication:    A player who may have taken part in several Country Championships s with continuous enthusiasm.
Team Spirit:    A player who shows respect to his fellow team members, opponents, and officials
Demeanor:     A player who displays impeccable manners both on and off the court and whose overall appearance is fitting of the sport
Ambassador:     A player whom the committee would have confidence in to represent regional table tennis and in doing so display all the above characteristics.

Nomination Form: https://www.tabletennisvic.org.au/surveys/5960/