Outdoor Table Tennis


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Hello Sunshine Festival:

An incredible Pongo activation at the Hello Sunshine Festival in Scoresby on Saturday 2nd March.

With a queue to join the tables all day, it was an incredible day out for everyone who got a chance to play. 

Table tennis and music, the perfect combo!

Frankston Waterfont Festival:

Another incredible Pongo activation down in Frankston for the 2024 Waterfront Festival from February 10th - 11th.

With 6 tables setup across the festival and absolutely scorching temperatures it was an incredible spectacle for all who attended. 

It was great to see Milly Tapper down at the festival engaging with members of the public and showing off her skills before heading overseas for the World Championships.

Grazeland Take it to the Table Event:

The TTV x Pongo event at Grazeland in Melbourne's West from October 6th - 8th in 2023 saw thousands take it to the table for an incredible weekend. 

With 8 outdoor all-weather tables spread out across the venue all 10,000 people who attended throughout the weekend had plenty to see and do. 

On the Sunday 4 of Australia's top National youngsters came down and had a hit with the general public which was also great to see.



In 2020 we put together an easy to use an interactive map that lets you find outdoor ping pong tables near you. 

If you know of any tables that are NOT on this map (or are no longer there), feel free to send an email to info@tabletennisvic.org.au so we can update you with the location, details, and a photo!



Want an Outdoor Ping Pong Table for your School, Worksite, or Backyard?

Homes are getting smaller meaning that the humble Table Tennis Table needs to now be able to live in the great outdoors all year round. However traditional table tennis settings simply can't withstand the harsh Australian climate. 

Luckily the team at Pongo has created an 'All-Weather' Ping Pong table. And what's even better, they are 100% Made in Melbourne.

Pongo has unique and fun playing surface tops that are Aluminium skinned and UV protected. Ever played Ping Pong under lights in your own backyard over Summer? Amazeballs.  

Want to encourage workplace fitness and boost team morale? Want your branding on a Ping Pong Table at work? No worries. Check out the Pongo Pro where the Pongo Design Wizards create a table of your dreams. Perfect for events, schools, and offices. Pongo 'All-Weather' Tables can be played both indoors and outdoors. 

If it's not 'Pongo'...It's not Ping Pong!