Table Tennis Victoria Inc (TTV) is the state governing body for the sport of table tennis in Victoria and is a registered member of the national body for table tennis, Table Tennis Australia (TTA).

TTV is an incorporated body and its functions are governed by a Constitution and by-laws made thereunder.

TTV is the largest state body in Australia with over 60 affiliate members (clubs & associations) and over 4500 individual annual members (competitive and social registered players).

The activities of TTV are managed by a Board of Directors which includes seven elected directors and two appointed directors who meet every six weeks.

TTV employs a Chief Executive Officer, an Events & Clubs Officer, a Participation & Marketing Officer and a State Pathways Coach to assist in the daily functions of the organisation.

Additionally, TTV has established several subcommittees that oversee matters such as Selectors, Discipline and State Tournaments.

An annual AGM is conducted in March or April of each year which includes the production of an Annual Report (inclusive of audited financial statements) for inspection by members.

TTV has awarded life memberships to a number of members who have provided distinguished service to the state body.

In addition to a Hall of Fame consisting of 5 categories – open, juniors, veterans, para, and country. Players are inducted into the Hall of Fame based on outstanding performances in international, national, and state tournaments.

TTV conducts Open, Closed, and Country & Metro Championships on an annual basis for junior, senior, and veteran players.