TTV/TTA Affiliation

TTV/TTA Affiliation

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As an affiliate with Table Tennis Victoria, your Association/Club, and your members have access to a large range of services and resources. These services include:

Benefits of Affiliation

In a period of escalating insurance costs, your access to affordable public liability, player accident, and professional indemnity insurance are one of many reasons to affiliate with Table Tennis Victoria. Table Tennis Victoria’s sports insurance policy is being renewed for 2022 through the national insurance scheme arranged through Table Tennis Australia.

This Insurance Policy continues to provide Player Accident, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity insurance for associations/clubs and individual members.

All financial TTV Affiliated Clubs/Associations are provided with their very own RevSport portal. This includes a public website, memberships linked to the National system, online credit card processing, pennant competition software, online shop, events (Inc tournament entries), bookings – both public hire and groups, incident reporting, and meetings.

For Associations/Clubs to have their affiliation accepted by Table Tennis Victoria they should be in good standing.


Affiliates who are not in good standing before the holding of the AGM will not be eligible to vote.

All Affiliates, through the TTV Participation & Programs Officer, have to opportunity to access and deliver the new Entry Level Program, “Spinneroos” that has been developed by Table Tennis Australia. TTV will be working closely with Affiliates to successfully run and develop the program in their area throughout the year.

  • Liaison with local Schools, Child Care Centres & Community Centres for participation numbers.
  • Assist in marketing collateral, social media promotions & weekly session operations.
  • Developing close relationships with local schools through Sporting School Program to funnel into Affiliate Spinneroos programs

There will be at least 3 TOPS/Level 1 coaching courses offered per year: TTV Coaching Courses.  Where possible courses will also be held in regional locations as well as metropolitan-based to provide easy access to all affiliated associations/clubs.

There will be at least 2 State umpiring courses offered per year: TTV State Umpiring Courses.  Where possible courses will also be held in regional locations as well as metropolitan-based to provide easy access to all affiliated associations/clubs.

Table Tennis Victoria offers its affiliated associations/clubs access to the TTV Business Directory, including the many discounts on offer to all Affiliates and Individual Members.

Individual Affiliate members gain access to the TTV State Tournament Circuit, which is in the Table Tennis Australia Pathway to National Championships and beyond. Individual members are eligible for club representation in the TTV Premier League, Victorian Country Championships, and the Victorian Metropolitan Championships.

Table Tennis Victoria will provide opportunities for volunteers to enhance their management skills in running associations/clubs through the Enhancement Program In Clubs for Table Tennis (EPIC.TT)

Table Tennis Victoria is available to assist associations/clubs. Table Tennis Victoria also aids with grant applications and the provisions of policy documents such as a Member Protection Policy and Member Code of Conduct [complying with the Victorian Government Fair Play Code] – the latter is a requirement for receiving grants from State and local government.

Table Tennis Victoria regularly distributes information to all Affiliates regarding possible grant opportunities from various bodies. In many cases, organizations are required to be affiliated with the relevant State Sports Organization in order to be eligible for grant funds.

Table Tennis Victoria’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram are available to all registered members.  Articles on the website provide information to all associations/clubs and individual members. Tournament results may also be accessed through the Table Tennis Victoria website. All associations/clubs and players are invited to contribute articles and photographs to the website to keep everyone up to date with activities in their local area or to recognise significant achievements by members. The website also provides links to State, National, and International associations where information on rules and competition can be found as well as live streaming of videos of matches.

Access for Junior & Senior players from the Affiliates to the State Pathways Development Program.

Affiliates have access to the Events & Clubs Officer who oversees all tournaments and club relations covering items such as Child Safe Policies, member protection, governance & program management.

Affiliates have access to the Participation & Media Officer who works with all affiliates on programs like TTA’s Spinneroos, Pulse Pub League, and Pop Up Ping Pong. and who is able to help the affiliates with marketing collateral, and social media.

  • Affiliates also get access to the Pulse Pub League App which allows affiliates to play table tennis at any of Melbourne’s establishments that has the Pub League competition.
  • Pop Up Ping Pong will be a great tool for all Affiliates to enrich themselves in the many communities and council-run social events that will showcase table tennis in their area. Information will be distributed at these events run by TTV Programs & Participation Officer promoting table tennis to gain traction and generate interest for the Affiliates in the future.  

Under the By-Law 19 - TTV, Affiliation and Registration, subject to any amendment which shall be decided in the absolute discretion of the Board of Table Tennis Victoria Incorporated, the following Conditions of Affiliation must be complied with in order for an Association/Club to be affiliated with Table Tennis Victoria Incorporated. 

For an Association/Club to be in good standing it must undertake to do as follows:

  1. Have a minimum of 5 registered members.

  1. Pay the annual Affiliation Fee (as set down by the TTV Board) no later than 28th February 2023.

  1. Provide their Constitution of the Affiliate to TTV (if not already).

  1. Provide its most recent annual report when it is produced plus timely updates on any and all committee changes.

  1. Enter all member data online through the RevSport portals no later than 1 week after payment has been made by such member to the Affiliate and pay the invoice generated monthly by TTV for registration fees for each individual member of the Affiliate as per designated membership category by the end of the subsequent month. This enables Table Tennis Victoria to comply with its contractual obligations with TTA, insurance companies and the Victorian Government.

  1. Agree to be bound by, comply with, and observe the rules of Table Tennis Victoria Inc. including the statement of purpose and any policy, determination or resolution which may be made or passed by the Board of Table Tennis Victoria Inc.

  1. Agree to accept and abide by the Table Tennis Victoria Constitution and enacted By-Laws and implement the provisions of Table Tennis Victoria’s Member Protection Policy and Member Code of Conduct which incorporates all the requirements of the Victorian Government’s Fair play Code.
  2. Agree to accept and abide by the Table Tennis Australia Constitution and Policies, including but not limited to the National Integrity Framework.
  3. Be bound by the Child Safe Standards that were implemented by the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) including, but not limited to, all committee members, coaches, officials, and umpires within the Affiliate holding a current Working with Children Check and providing those details through the TTV RevSport portals.
  4. An affiliate must publicly subscribe to:
    • a smoke-free environment
    • the provision of healthy food on their premises
    • a “no alcohol” policy regarding junior members.
  5. Providing TTV/TTA with such other information within a reasonable time of being requested, such as the National Participation Census


There is a 3-tier system for payment of the affiliation fee for 2024 as follows:


Tier 1 less than 50 members

$225 (inc GST)

Tier 2 50 or more but less than 150 members

$275 (inc GST)

Tier 3 more than 150 members

$325 (inc GST)


The classification of an affiliate into a particular tier shall occur by reference to the prior calendar year as TTV is then able to calculate final individual membership numbers for each affiliate. New Affiliates are Tier 1 in their first year of affiliation.

Please note that an Association/Club may have its affiliation suspended if it does not meet all the above requirements.  They will be deemed the equivalent of being unaffiliated. 

Being unaffiliated or suspended may result in action including but not limited to:

  • an unaffiliated/suspended Association/Club will not be entitled to a Certificate of Currency (public liability insurance)
  • an unaffiliated/suspended Association/Club may not obtain information vital to the table tennis community.
  • an unaffiliated/suspended Association/Club may not obtain the benefits or support normally provided by Table Tennis Victoria for members
  • an unaffiliated/suspended Associations/Clubs will not have any tournaments, competitions, coaching, or umpires’ courses recognised.
  • registered players cannot play in an unaffiliated/suspended Association/Club competition except where written permission has been provided by Table Tennis Victoria Inc.
  • no correspondence (e.g., information updates, entry forms, circulars etc.) will be distributed to your Association/Club from Table Tennis Victoria Inc. or any other Affiliate.
  • players from unaffiliated/suspended Associations/Clubs cannot play in any competition, tournament or other event organised by an Affiliate, Table Tennis Victoria Inc. or any associated interstate or international organisation except where written permission has been provided by Table Tennis Victoria Inc.
  • a list of known unaffiliated/suspended Associations/Clubs will be provided to all Affiliates on a regular basis.