New revolutioniseSport Portal Now Available to Clubs and Affiliates

Published Tue 24 Nov 2020


Table Tennis Victoria (TTV) is excited to announce the launch of our brand new initiative, which is to provide every financial affiliate of TTV with their very own revolutioniseSPORT portal.

We are extremely keen to see how this will positively affect all of our affiliates. Over the last two years, our affiliates have embraced online memberships through the TTV website and online management platform, a process that has benefitted us and our clubs with the excellent support of our friends at revolutioniseSPORT.

Each affiliate will now have their very own revolutioniseSPORT portal and will be able to do so much more! From online entries for your competitions and events to running your pennants through an online platform. Every affiliate will also get their very own public website which they can utilise and publish items such as opening hours, contact details, photo galleries and bookings. For affiliates with their own website already, this is designed to integrate seamlessly.

Each of these portals are connected into the Table Tennis Australia (TTA) national membership database, bringing our sport closer together and launching us further into the future under the One Management project by TTA

Other table tennis states are now looking at following Table Tennis Victoria’s example as a digital exemplar, potentially launching portals for every table tennis club in the country!

This project has been undertaken by our Events and Clubs Officer Claire Montgomery and the team at revolutioniseSPORT, who have put in a great amount of time and effort to make these portals seamless and easy to use.

“We would like to thank revolutioniseSPORT for their ongoing support and efforts in rolling out over 50 websites in such a short time,” said TTV ECO Claire Montgomery

“TTV will be providing all of the affiliates with their own revolutioniseSPORT portal as a part of their annual affiliation benefits.

Nic Watkins, Chief Operating Officer at revolutioniseSPORT is ecstatic at the opportunities afforded to both TTV and their affiliates. "We are really eager to see all TTV affiliates empowered to automate and streamline onerous administrative tasks which in turn will free up more time to focus on growing and enhancing the sport for their members.”

"Aside from making things easier on their committee members, TTV and affiliates will be able to harness revolutioniseSPORT to provide in-depth data analytics about the engagement and behaviour of their membership.

“We are appreciative of the time and effort Claire and the team at TTV have put into this initiative, as well as the support they are providing nationally by way of their expertise and best practice implementation.”

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